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Karate is my secret
I bear no weapons
I pray I will never use it...

Osu! There are no martial arts classes today due to the Memorial Day holiday.

There will be a new karate class schedule beginning June 1st!
Kids class:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday ages 6-12, 5-6 PM
Wednesday Kids age 4-6, 4:30 PM

Monday, Wednesday 6-7 PM

Open Dojo - Friday 5-6:30 PM

Tuesday Hojutsu class will remain at 5:30 PM

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Welcome to the IKA Colorado Dojo
Welcome to the IKA Colorado Dojo Welcome to the International Karate Association - Estes Park Colorado Dojo. Where dedication, spirit and brotherhood come together in this mountain community.

We're honored you have a few moments to spend with us.

We are located at 1755 CO Hwy 66, just past the Rams Horn Village and Rock Inn.
The phone number is 970-227-0499 or you may contact us by email at

Here at IKA Colorado we train and study in Shudokan Karate, Gosoku Ryu Karate, Yoshinkan Aikido, Wu style Tai Chi and traditional weapons training as well as Hojutsu, the art of shooting. Everything is taught as an art with emphasis placed on development of the individual; physically, mentally and spiritually. Additionally all arts are taught with a strong focus on self defense.

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