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Often we commonly misuse this word out of habit to mean a number of things in English such as: "Hello", "Goodbye", "Do you understand?", "Yes, I understand", "Ok", "Train harder"....etc.


Roughly meaning "teacher/instructor" but directly translates to "One who has come before in life." Since karate is seen as a way of life, this phrase can be used for a mentor or even a life coach not specifically pertaining to a martial arts instructor.


Pronounced "Gee" this is our traditional karate uniform. Originally based off of Japanese kimono style pajamas.


An exercise consisting of several of the specific movements of a martial art, especially a pattern prescribed for defending oneself against several attackers, used in judo and karate training. 


Commonly understood to mean "sparring" or "fighting" directly translates to "entangled hands". Depicting the method in which an attacker and a defender engage one another with limbs often intertwining. Kumite was once fought at a much closer distance than what we commonly see today.



A place to study 'The Way'. The dojo can be any place where you continually learn to be your best self by means of martial arts training.



A phrase that in an acknowledgment between two people who are present in the moment and desire to help eachother to for the greater good, in harmony.

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