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Meet Kyoshi Adams

Kyoshi Adams has been training in karate and marital arts 33 years, and teaching for 32 years.  


He began training in 1984 in Fairbanks, Alaska at the famous "2 street dojo" which was an old bomb shelter that was underground and on a street full of 'drinking establishments'. It was a very rough and hard training that started his journey.  


Kyoshi now teaches at the Estes Park Dojo, primarily focusing on Shudo Kan and Gosoku Ryu style karate, Wu Style Tai Chi, Yoshinkan Aikido, and Hojutsu.  


  • Alaska state heavy weight champion fighting in 1992

  • Gold Medal in weapons at the IKA All Star national tournament in 2002

  • Placed in the top 5 at the International Karate Association World Cup 1999/2001/20032003

  • Placed 3rd in kata at the World Cup. (this was the year he also broke his knee in half in fighting during the tournament in Toronto)

  • Kubotan Instructor certified by Soke Kubota (inventor of the Kubotan) in self defense and law enforcement arrest control tactics

  • Certified law enforcement instructor in: Control & restraint, side handle baton, expandable baton, chemical aerosol sprays


  • 6th Dan Gosoku Ryu

  • 5th Dan Shudo Kan

  • 5th Dan Hojutsu

  • 4th Dan Yoshinkan Aikido

  • 3rd Dan Okinawan Kobudo (Weapons)

  • Wu style Tai Chi -29 years Experience

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